The Eyes Have It

Eye contact is something that we don’t think a lot about until we experience too much or too little.  Eye contact is a very powerful communication tool that can be easily overlooked.

Positive eye contact, which is usually 70-80% of the time, can convey genuine interest, a sense of connection or empathy, and sincerity.  When we make meaningful eye contact with our prospects and clients it accelerates the trust level and builds a deeper connection that allows us to better get to know them which results in better customer service.

If you are looking to keep others attention, a smile might just be the way.

It was found that people give more eye contact to those who smile to them more often. If you are looking to keep others attention, a smile might just be the way to keep their focus.

In today’s world we are distracted by our phones, texts, emails, and other alerts, that take us away from maintaining positive eye contact.  We also live in a world where more and more is done on the phone, on a webinar, and in person communication is not always possible.

It is important to stay present.

We have all been to networking events where someone we are talking to is looking over our shoulder, watching the door, or perhaps we have been guilty of that ourselves.  If charisma is about, prescience, power and warmth – then it is important to stay present.  Be present with the person we are engaged with and eye contact is the biggest indicator of presence.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Make an effort to look people in the eye, when speaking and when listening, and office the deeper connection that you make and the better listener you become.

About PJ Weiland

Coach PJ Weiland is no stranger to business. At the age of 10 she started her first business, then worked in the family business, before starting her second business. She brings over twenty-five years of experience working with all-size businesses. As an ActionCOACH she works with business owners to put money on the bottom line. Through coaching PJ provides an alternative to conventional consulting by providing both practical assistance and training through an affordable and effective mentoring approach. You can learn more about Coach PJ by visiting her website at