How To Succeed In Business: Get Some New Tires!

Whether we just don’t have time to stop, or we’re waiting out the daily or weekly price of gas, we all sometimes drive with the Low Fuel light on until it is pretty clear that we’re driving on fumes.

In our mundane workaday lives, sometimes the rush of having that gauge needle so far past the “E” that it may as well read “Eek!” is the biggest thrill of the day.

Most new cars even tell you, based on your current driving activity, exactly how many more miles you can get from that draining tank. Pulling into that gas station with single digits of remaining miles is as close to para-sailing as you’re gonna get, mid-day on a grim, February Wednesday, in Chicago.

Of course, if you had somewhere important to go, like a big meeting, you’d make sure the tank was filled up. You wouldn’t risk blowing a deal—or losing your job—because of something so avoidable!

Unfortunately, except for a low pressure indicator on many new cars, there is no light on the dash that tells you it is time to replace tires. Car owners should regularly inspect the condition of their tires, but few do until they wake up to a flat tire in their garage.

Being late for a meeting due to a flat tire caused by a nail or screw in the tread is unavoidable. You’ll still get blamed, but it really isn’t your fault, unless you had been doing donuts in a construction site, then it’s all on you!

But, missing that make-or-break presentation because your worn, tires, bald as your great Uncle Sy, blew out on the expressway or caused you to slide off the road is completely preventable.

So, you have to shop for tires. Just to put it in perspective, shopping for a car is REALLY EXCITING! Shopping for tires is NOT!

You have to do it. Your life and your job depends on safe, reliable transportation. Here are some tips to help you make the best and most pleasant tire purchase.

Questions to ask yourself before tire shopping:

    • What is the make and model of your vehicle?
    • What tire size? (This info should be on your tire’s sidewall. It should also be listed on the inside your driver’s side door, and in your owner’s manual.)
    • What type of driving do you do? Do you drive around town, take frequent long trips, or drive on- or off-road. Tires are designed to serve a variety of functions, like performance, long, comfortable rides, enduring tread wear, and enhanced grip.
Tire information should be on the inside of your driver’s door.

Questions to ask your salesperson when shopping:

    • Are my current tires the best tires for my vehicle?
    • What are the best tires that match my driving habits and my price?
    • Can you give me a pricing tier of my tire type with three choices?
    • What’s included in the tire price, such as balancing, valve stem replacement, installation, Tire Pressure Monitor System service, and wheel alignment, which could be necessary if your previous tires wore unevenly.
    • What is the mileage warranty (if any) of my new tires?
    • Is the tire manufacturer highly reputable?
    • Do the tires come with a warranty?

Now, you have some great information about shopping for and purchasing new tires. Along with an otherwise well-maintained car, good tires will get you to that presentation, wow the client and your boss, and maybe even pay for themselves with a big contract or a raise!

Just be sure to charge up your laptop!

About Julie Yusim

Julie Yusim is the Director of Marketing for Duxler Complete Auto Care, the largest family-owned chain of auto repair shops on Chicago’s North Shore. Since joining the company in 2010, Julie has dramatically increased the company’s customer base through a dynamic networking campaign. She has also revitalized the company’s image and visibility with a rebranding strategy, and has implemented new marketing tactics encompassing: a tailor-made customer relations management system; advertising; internet and social media; public relations; business development; and community outreach. During her ten years as Executive Director of the Wilmette Chamber of Commerce, Julie helped the organization to grow from 270 members to 450 members. She introduced innovative networking events, effective promotional and sponsorship opportunities, and relevant educational programming. Julie also increased revenue and helped build the organization’s emergency reserve fund. Julie’s expertise ranges from marketing & networking, to event planning & public relations, to customer service & not-for-profit association management. Over the years, Julie has become a specialist at leveraging relationship marketing (networking) as a tool for increasing brand awareness and sales. Julie is well-known in networking circles as a Super-Connector of strategic partners. Passionate about connecting people, Julie also gives presentations on developing and connecting (strategic) power partners, and networking as a powerful marketing tool.

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