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Larry Bloom | Breakfast Of Champions Networking

KILLING A TRADITION | Ending The Breakfast Of Champions Monthly Meetings

I like traditions. I am a romantic, in the classic sense. I don’t jump on bandwagons and I don’t easily toss away traditions. If your son is being bar mitzvahed, I don’t care what new gadget or technology is trending, the kid is getting a fine writing instrument as a gift from me. That’s how it has been and will always be, at least until handwriting has been officially outlawed and replaced by Bluetooth transmitters implanted in our brains. Long-story-short, killing a tradition is not something that I take lightly.

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Comedian Larry Bloom of Highland Park performing at Zanies Chicago

How I Became A Stand-Up Comedian In My Forties? Funny Story…

How I suddenly became a stand-up comedian at the age of forty-five is a tale worth the price of admission—which in the case of a blog, is free.

I’m asked several times a week how this all came about. So, I figured I’d type it all out and share the story through the tubes of the Interweb.

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Breakfast Of Champions Networking | Blog | Take A Giant Quit

Buckle Down And Take A Giant, Healthy Quit!

In Defense of Embracing Failure and Bowing Out

Recently, I resigned from an organization with which I had worked closely for a number of years. I served on the board and was an officer. I was passionate about our mission and was highly engaged in all of its activities and programs.

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Buy or Lease

To Buy Or Not To Buy. Lease Is The Question.

When it comes time to replace a car, people question whether to buy or lease the next vehicle. Determining what’s best really depends on priorities and lifestyle. Only completely honest answers to hard questions about budget, wants and needs can determine the right choice.

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Habit Forming: Create New Ones. Ditch Some Old Ones

As we start a new year, some of us will make resolutions, others will refute the concept and decline to participate in the annual ritual of forming resolutions that will soon be broken.  Regardless of what camp you are in – consider habits as an alternative to traditional resolutions.  Look at opportunities to create new habits or replace old habits with new and improved habits.

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