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Who The EFF Hired This Guy?


I visit a lot of websites. I’m online virtually all day, whether I’m working, browsing for products or catching up on social media. I look at websites on my large desktop monitors, one any one of my laptops and even on my smartphone. Though, I rarely look at websites on my phone for more than contact info, directions or to quickly checkout a restaurant menu.

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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Ignore “Top 5” Lists

There he is. The pusher man that is always there, standing in the shadows, just beyond the glow of the lamppost, willing and able to feed lists to the aching jones of content junkies, via social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

It knows where they’ve been and where they will go next.

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stay connected and on the grid on your vacation

Stay On The Grid: An Anecdotal Argument For The Connected Vacation

There seems to be be no shortage of posts and articles, containing lists and infographics that promote the idea that one must completely disconnect and remove themselves from the “grid” if they are to get the full value of a vacation.

The thought-leaders that frequent social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are always there with a great example of successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk or Sergey Brin—you know, guys just like you and me—that, when on vacation, leave their smartphones and clothes on the mainland and retreat to obscure islands to romp naked in the sand and devour book after book, learning about alternative philosophies and religions. Their search for knowledge via the printed word only interrupted by participation in local, traditional, peyote-colored ceremonies. What tropical paradise is complete without a vision quest or two?

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San Juan Marriott

Stay On The Grid: Text & Video Chat While Out Of The Country

Spring is almost here…and it couldn’t come soon enough!  With spring comes spring break! Perhaps you or your kids are traveling to other countries this spring (or summer) and you want to keep up with the folks back home. You’re not going to pick up the hotel room phone ($$$), or a public phone (blechhhh!) Your best bet is texting or video chat.

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Merging Contacts On Your iOS Device

Do you have a contact problem on your iOS device?

Do your duplicates stress you out??

It’s practically inevitable that duplicate contacts appears on your iOS device either by accident, typos, through sharing vCard information with others, or from something as basic as a contact changing their name and addresses, for which an additional entry gets added. Prior to iOS 7, there was no simple way of handling multiple contact entries on your iOS device, but that has finally changed, and now there is an easy way to merge those contacts directly and easily!

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