Inevitably during a workshop presentation I am asked a question at least once from someone who is reluctant to broadcast updates to their contacts as they edit or add to their LinkedIn profiles.  “I don’t want to bother them,” is the excuse I hear most often.

LinkedIn is social media for business and social media is about sharing!

My personal preference (and recommendation) is yes, I do want to broadcast my updates.  It is a way to stay ‘top of mind’ and be in front of my connections who monitor their home page for updates.

You may agree or disagree with me.  Maintaining your privacy is your choice on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Privacy Options.

All privacy options are controlled in your LinkedIn profile control panel dashboard. Access your dashboard by hovering over your picture (or the default icon) on the far right of the top black navigation bar.  (Note: You can be anywhere in your ‘Profile’ to access.)

From the exposed menu select and click on < Privacy and Settings >.  You may be asked to sign in to LinkedIn once more.  This is for security reasons.

At the bottom center of your profile dashboard your will see your “Privacy Controls” options (see image below).


Activity Broadcasts:   You get to choose whether or not you wish to tell people when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies.

Activity Feeds:  Who can see them?  All, your network, your connections or just you.

What others see when you view their profiles:  You name, headline and profile photo or  your anonymous profile characteristics  or  you remain totally anonymous.  Note:  Your tactics and strategies plan an important part of your decision here.

Who can see your connections:  Your connections or only you.

Who can see your profile photo:  Connections, network or everyone.

Viewers of this profile also viewed box:   Display on your profile page or not.

Blocking:   If you’ve blocked someone, here’s where you manage that.  (Note:  You will need to sign in again for security purposes.)

Professionals or small businesses owners can add LinkedIn tools to your holster when you understand how to apply the available features to benefit your marketing strategies.  I always stress at my seminars though:  Someone has to do the grunt work!”

Happy Linking!

About Michael Yublosky

Michael Yublosky, MBA, specializes in developing and implementing marketing strategies for new and existing small business Web sites, keyword research, search engine optimization as well as using free social media networking and marketing platforms such as WordPress blogging, LinkedIn, etc. since 2006. Yublosky also spent 30 years in direct sales, sales management and training as well as marketing. His Web site is found at and you can connect with him on LinkedIn at

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