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I Don’t Get Business Through My Website… Is Just A Big Fat Lie You Tell Yourself

Just about every day, I have a conversation during which somebody will state, with the confidence of a thousand suns, “I don’t get business through my website.”

Too many, otherwise savvy business owners possess this belief. This is, to use the parlance of the moment, an “alternative fact.”

In most cases, this belief is a rationalization that justifies never updating a website that has languished, untouched, online, for several years. In other cases, it may be stubbornness or ignorance. Usually,there is a conflation of online terminology such as traffic, SEO, user experience and conversion that may lead someone to believe that an investment in a website has little or no value.

“I’ve had my website online for 10 years and I’ve never gotten business

People will say, “I’ve had my website online for 10 years and I’ve never gotten business from somebody who found my site.” That may be true, but that is beside the point and definitely not an argument against investing in an effective online presence.

When I dig into that claim, what frequently becomes apparent is that the person I am speaking with is really telling me that people are not finding their website through search, exploring the website and then making contact–or a purchase.

A website’s value is not binary.

But, here is the thing that, as owner of ATI Graphics, Inc., I tell people all of the time. A website’s value is not binary. A website doesn’t just work or not work. And, the factors that dictate how and why visitors find themselves on a website and ultimately behave are incredibly varied and the subject of many other posts. There is no single statement that defines the value of a website, especially, “I don’t get business through my website.”

What many business owners visualize as a website generating business, goes something like this: A stranger embarks on a cold search or clicks through an AdWords campaign, lands on their company website, sees that the company provides product X or service Y, and then converts from visitor to customer.

The majority of people that visit your website will not find themselves on your site after a web search.

In most cases, the majority of people that visit your website will not find themselves on your site after a web search. They will be people you’ve met while networking, or previous clients, or people that have been referred to you by other contacts. Even people you’ve known your entire life, like school friends and even family members, will visit your company website. And, they will do so BEFORE they contact you.

A visitor to your website is an opportunity to lose business.

So, your website is a conduit for business. If you have Google Analytics installed, it is easy to see that your site has visitors. And, just like when somebody calls you or comes to your office, a visitor to your website is an opportunity to do business–and an opportunity to lose business.

All that being said, the statement, “I don’t get business through my website,” doesn’t make much sense and is not a very educated opinion. Plus, it is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of misunderstanding the potential value of not just an effective website, but a well-rounded web presence.

Your investment is the energy in.

Like anything else in your business–or in life, really–the energy you put into something directly correlates to the energy that comes out of it. Your investment is the energy in. And, the ROI is dependent upon the laser focus of that energy, and the efficiency in which the energy is spent.

Reduce the waste–the energy lost by heat and friction and inefficiency–and the investment that you put into your website will provide reliable, consistent output and you will never feel like your website doesn’t generate business.

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In addition to being the editor of the BOC | NETWORKING blog, the host and facilitator of all BOC meetings and events, as well as the Vice President of the prestigious Highland Park Chamber of Commerce, Larry Bloom is the President of ATI Graphics, Inc., a Highland Park, Illinois based branding, graphic design and web development and consulting firm established in 1997. In a crowded field of branding and web consultants that have materialized to capitalize on an expanding industry, Larry Bloom stands apart. With 16 years of web development and over 20 years of design and branding under his belt, Bloom eclipses many of today’s “experts” by offering a modern eye for strategy and a “pre-web” sensibility about business and marketing. Over the years, he has helped businesses make millions of dollars by educating clients on effective messaging and the difference between a web site and a web presence. Bloom's "On-Demand Advisor" program offers great value to clients. You can learn more about ATI Graphics, Inc. at