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Larry Bloom | Breakfast Of Champions Networking

KILLING A TRADITION | Ending The Breakfast Of Champions Monthly Meetings

I like traditions. I am a romantic, in the classic sense. I don’t jump on bandwagons and I don’t easily toss away traditions. If your son is being bar mitzvahed, I don’t care what new gadget or technology is trending, the kid is getting a fine writing instrument as a gift from me. That’s how it has been and will always be, at least until handwriting has been officially outlawed and replaced by Bluetooth transmitters implanted in our brains. Long-story-short, killing a tradition is not something that I take lightly.

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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Ignore “Top 5” Lists

There he is. The pusher man that is always there, standing in the shadows, just beyond the glow of the lamppost, willing and able to feed lists to the aching jones of content junkies, via social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

It knows where they’ve been and where they will go next.

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Browse The Web Anonymously. You Know You Want To.

Web browsing can be a very scary thing. Websites track your surfing sessions. Social networks, search engines, your Internet provider, even the government may be tracking you online as well! They may be collecting what they consider valuable marketing data, or trying to prevent potentially dangerous criminal activity, regardless, what you do online, in the privacy and comforts of your home, sadly folks, is anything but private!

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Guidelines to the perfect thank you note.

Thank You Notes: Pen, Meet Paper.

Many years ago, before starting my own business, I worked for a company that was acquired by a very large corporation. While all intentions and attempts were to facilitate a smooth transition, production and delivery got a bit rough and customers were upset with the number of delays and mistakes.

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LinkedIn Best Practices | Make Your Profile Photo Speak Up

Most people want to do business with people they know, they like and they trust. So why is it that during my LinkedIn networking and marketing workshops and presentations I sometimes get resistance when I tell people not to be shy and hide behind the default LinkedIn icon? Instead I think they should overcome their fear of loss of privacy, become transparent and put up a great, professional photo on LinkedIn.

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