Gary Eisentstein discusses VW diesel scandal

Goodbye Fahrvergnügen and Clean Diesel

Volkswagen has managed to destroy it’s credibility, along with any remaining Fahrvergnügen left in the brand, after recently getting caught rigging diesel emissions test results on its “clean diesel vehicles. Fahrvergnügen has been replaced by the sorties of F-bombs VW customers are dropping in reaction to the blatant deception that they are now victims of.

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backup files.

Don’t Backup Your Files? Back That Sh… Stuff Up!

Don’t forget to backup your data!

One of the most important tasks that all of us should do is regularly backup the data on our digital devices (computers, tablets and smartphones).  More than ever before people are digitally storing data (including pictures).  If you don’t backup your digital devices you risk losing one of your most valuable assets—your data.

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2007 BMW 530i


I recently sold my car on Craigslist… and I didn’t get murdered. Actually, I’ve bought and sold a number of cars and motorcycles, as well as a variety of other items, using Craigslist and so far, not one transaction has resulted in my murder.

All that being said, I feel it is incumbent upon me to clearly state that I can not be held accountable

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BOC | Networking

What Is BOC | Networking And Why Should You Care? Glad You Asked.

Five years ago, as the original organizer of the Breakfast Of Champions (BOC) networking meetings prepared to fold the group and move on to new endeavors, I found myself volunteering to lead the group, which meets each month at Max & Benny’s Restaurant, in Northbrook, Illinois, moving forward.

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Just Keep Swimming – The Challenges Of Business Owners

As business owners, we have all experienced times of adversity or challenge. Sometimes the challenge is thrust upon us by an amazing opportunity that stretches us beyond our current capacity or competencies. Other times it could be a vendor or employee that gives us an unexpected challenge that we have to take on, whether we like it or not. In most circumstances, we are accustomed to rising to the occasion without even thinking about it; we expect to encounter these hurdles along the way and we are prepared for them.

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