backup files.

Don’t Backup Your Files? Back That Sh… Stuff Up!

Don’t forget to backup your data!

One of the most important tasks that all of us should do is regularly backup the data on our digital devices (computers, tablets and smartphones).  More than ever before people are digitally storing data (including pictures).  If you don’t backup your digital devices you risk losing one of your most valuable assets—your data.

Data can sometimes be re-created or recovered.

backup0Data can be lost from digital devices for many reasons including device failure, physical damage, viruses including ransomware and theft.  Data can sometimes be re-created or recovered but this takes time and effort.  And if you don’t know how to re-create or recover your data you might have to pay an outside party to do this.

In most of the articles written about protecting yourself from ransomware, the first and most important step given is to backup your data.

I’ve had friends tell me that they don’t bother to backup data, it takes too long and it’s not important; only to have these same friends call me in a panic because they unknowingly picked up a virus that crashed their computer.

Cost and size of backup devices can no longer be given as an excuse to not backup your data.

Cost and size of backup devices can no longer be given as an excuse to not backup your data.  Gone are the days of using dozens of disks or a tape backup.  The cost of backup devices continues to drop with 2 terabyte portable hard drives and 128 gigabyte flash drives available for under $100.  For those that would rather use an online backup service, the yearly cost is also under $100.

Perform an initial backup of all of your data—after the initial backup, setup a regular schedule to backup new or changed data.  If you are leaving for an extended period of time and are leaving your computer at home, create a backup that you take with you or store in a location away from your computer.  If you are taking your computer with you make sure to leave a backup of your data at home or in your office.  Do you really want to put the time, effort and money into re-creating lost data?

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