The “End of the Business Card?” I Don’t Think So.

Every couple of years, I read an article about “the end of the business card.” I’ve been designing and producing business cards for a long time, over 20 years, and I can confidently say that there has been no “high tech” solution that is more convenient and effective than taking somebody’s business card and slipping it in a pocket–possibly dog-eared as a reminder to follow up.

Sure, you can scan. You can bump. You can grab a QR code. But, getting back to the office and tacking a new key contact’s card to the bulletin board is still the best way to keep them top of mind. Digital solutions may make organization and communicating easier. But, out of sight is out of mind. And, out of sight is a great way to FAIL with follow up calls or thank you notes–and BTW, if you’re not hand-writing thank you notes, you should be! offers some good tips for the most effective business card (Link below). I don’t agree with all of them, but they have the basics down.


Of course, while traditional, printed business cards will always be important, try not to take them too seriously. You know, to the point of psychosis, as Patrick Bateman does in this classic scene from the movie, American Psycho.

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